Little Star

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Satalights are a post-punk Interstellar shoegaze band from Austin Texas that have conceived and created the album “Little Star”. The multinational trio of Alexander Scott, Mark Romano, Joseph Gardner, explore the common themes of death and rebirth that are as universal as each unique star in the sky. 


They recorded Little Star at Stuart Sullivan’s (Butthole Surfers, Sublime, Willie Nelson) studio, Wire Recording in the Mosaic Sound Collective (site of the recent Black Puma’s “Tonight Show” performance). The single “Girl” off of their last EP “Postbed Room Rock” was recorded at Wire and garnered over 89,000 views on TIMEWHEEL Records Facebook page. Mainstay Austin producer Carter Greeves of Wire Recording coproduced/engineered their newest record with Frontman Alex Scott. renowned engineer Charles Godfrey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Swans, Explosions In The Sky) also assisted in the production of the album. 


Little Star was born out of Scott’s agony after the death of his beloved mother. “Even though it hurt to lose her, it also saved my life,” he explained. “Her death put a lot of things into perspective and got me out of a really dark place.” The album was Scott’s way of carrying on his mother’s spirit through their shared love of music. “She gave so much of her light to me and I just want to pass that on through this music so that other people can see how radiant she was and know what it felt like to be loved by her.” 


The album’s opener “A Dream” begins with ambient wind chimes and otherworldly  guitar that crescendos into a pastoral post-rock vista that reflects entering this world. Next comes the open cosmic highway beat of the lead single “Snow Jams 98” that reminds us of the turbulent transience of our own growth and progress as people. Other highlights include the inter-dimensional fuzzed-out drama in “Time Traveler” and the detached ethereal shoegaze vibes on “Baobabs”.


“I’ve known Alex for the better part of a decade, and from the first time I heard him play I heard a joy and passion that’s missing in a lot of music today,” says longtime Austin City Limits executive producer Terry Lickona. “He once told me that he was going to save rock and roll, and I believe he could. Rock and roll today needs Satalights’ music more than ever!”

The album also holds a mini-galaxy of tracks entitled Nebula I-IV that musically encapsulate the life and death of a star. Followed by the calming embrace of a harmonium and a cosmic children’s choir on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. This is a point of common ground for the international members of the band who have come from different countries and cultures namely, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It is a meditation on the album’s themes of communality amidst our own unique struggles in life. At the end of it, you are on your back porch listening to frontman Alex Scott singing a folk-inspired ballad for you in his native Spanish tongue, reflecting on ignorance, happiness, and what it means to be a universe unto yourself.. The cyclical nature of death and rebirth is a clear theme on “Little Star”, especially on “Aura Lee”: “Within you and me lies all eternity”.  Out November 7th on TIMEWHEEL.NET 

Bio written by: James Junius 
Edited by: Adrienne Lake

Thanks to Austin Music Foundation